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snjournal's Journal

John's journal gone travelling
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making a fan version of John's famous journal
About the journal: I've been wanting to make a journal like John's for awhile that a number of fans could contribute to, and when I finally found one that was suitably similar but not too expensive, I snatched it up. The journal will be mailed from fan to fan and everyone will add a local story, drawing, or something else cool to it, to make an original version of John's journal.

Because I've been asked a couple of times: if you live somewhere other than the US, you may sign up! Just be aware you're much more likely to have to send it to another out of country location.

Rules for the traveling journal:

1) send with delivery confirmation. It's not much more and at least in theory it's a safer delivery method. We don't want the journal getting lost with everyone's fanworks. If you have the money and feel extra kind, send registered mail. If you prefer Fed-Ex, their two day service is also acceptable. If you are one of the people sending the journal to another country or from a country that doesn't have these particular services, just do your best at figuring out what a reliable shipping method would be. Also, in this case, please use an envelope and not a box to send; it's much much faster and usually cheaper as well.

2) Put in local urban legends, drawings of supernatural creatures, coded messages, and whatever creativity you can think of. However, please do not include fanfiction, fanart, or anything that is copyrighted. Remember, this is supposed to be similar to John's journal.

3) If Supernatural is still filming when the journal is complete, I will send it to the set. If Supernatural is not still filming, I will do my best to pass it on to Kripke.

4) Sign up here to host the journal by August 31st. However, there are 160 pages in the journal; in the unlikely event that we get 160 people signed up I will be cutting off signups there.

5) If you can, take a picture or do a scan of whatever you've added to the journal before you send it on. Keep all postings to the community on the topic of the traveling journal.

6) That's it for now, folks! I'm great at thinking up rules after I've already opened things for posting, but I'll make a comm post if anything important is added.

Ask 'em here.