slytherinblack (slytherinblack) wrote in snjournal,

I mailed the journal out today! I did space out and forgot to take pictures, but hopefully at least a few of its hosts will take photos. :)

Just to give you guys some idea, postage with delivery confirmation ended up being $3.28, so it's definitely afforable for anyone who's mailing it within the US to send it that way.
(ETA2: I just looked and that's first class, not priority mail, which I totally thought was required to get delivery conf. Anyway, either DC or priority is fine, though I'd prefer priority. Mostly I'm looking for some element of reliability.)

Also, the final page limit was just under 5 pages (4.8). Since that's such a weird fraction, I'm not going to hold you to it - just don't go over 5 pages; since I'm sure there will be people who use less we should end up fine.

ETA: The list of what order folks are getting the journal in has been updated. I'm estimating that it will spend about a week in travel between each location, though obviously this will expand greatly as it goes abroad. That being said, you can probably very roughly estimate when you will receive it.
So this is your chance to check the schedule and let me know if:
-you accidentally got left off, though I'm pretty sure I have everyone at this point since I've counted and the number of names and the number of sign up comments matches.
-for some reason the timing is bad
-you're listed to send it on somewhere that is too far/expensive. I believe I did optimize the schedule geographically as much as I could while still taking timing requests, etc. into account.
-anything else I should be aware of.
Keep in mind I'll be emailing you when the previous host is ready to send the journal on in order to obtain your address anyway, so if you move/something comes up, don't stress. You'll have a chance to let me know at that point and I can rearrange the schedule.
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