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ATTN barra_arisa:

I've sent you several emails recently regarding the journal. I understand you're probably busy and there's no news but I did have a couple of things to say to which I'd greatly appreciate a response. Please check your email and respond.
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I made a map. And not just any map. I made a map that will let you guys keep track of where the journal is, since it occurred to me that it's pretty hard to know what its progress is unless it's with you or soon to come to you. Hence, map.

Map link.

First time using this particular google maps feature. Let me know if it doesn't work right for you.
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The bad news is that the journal was undeliverable as addressed at its first destination. The good news is this time I remembered to send it priority and can tell you how much it cost ($5.45) and I remembered to take pictures!

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I mailed the journal out today! I did space out and forgot to take pictures, but hopefully at least a few of its hosts will take photos. :)

Just to give you guys some idea, postage with delivery confirmation ended up being $3.28, so it's definitely afforable for anyone who's mailing it within the US to send it that way.
(ETA2: I just looked and that's first class, not priority mail, which I totally thought was required to get delivery conf. Anyway, either DC or priority is fine, though I'd prefer priority. Mostly I'm looking for some element of reliability.)

Also, the final page limit was just under 5 pages (4.8). Since that's such a weird fraction, I'm not going to hold you to it - just don't go over 5 pages; since I'm sure there will be people who use less we should end up fine.

ETA: The list of what order folks are getting the journal in has been updated. I'm estimating that it will spend about a week in travel between each location, though obviously this will expand greatly as it goes abroad. That being said, you can probably very roughly estimate when you will receive it.
So this is your chance to check the schedule and let me know if:
-you accidentally got left off, though I'm pretty sure I have everyone at this point since I've counted and the number of names and the number of sign up comments matches.
-for some reason the timing is bad
-you're listed to send it on somewhere that is too far/expensive. I believe I did optimize the schedule geographically as much as I could while still taking timing requests, etc. into account.
-anything else I should be aware of.
Keep in mind I'll be emailing you when the previous host is ready to send the journal on in order to obtain your address anyway, so if you move/something comes up, don't stress. You'll have a chance to let me know at that point and I can rearrange the schedule.
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Signups close today, so if you've been waiting to sign up or a friend you've been meaning to pester, do it.

Currently I have at least two addresses in every country signed up except for Canada. So if mailing the journal to a country other than your own is going to be a hardship, please let me know. Just bear in mind that everyone in a particular country can't bail on me or it won't work.

Here's the tentative schedule, just so everyone knows.

Current journal schedule:

faithintheboys, NY: mailed out Sept 1. Arrives approx. Sept. 5th. Mailed out approx Sept. 12th.
the_kurisutaru, NY: arrives approx. Sept. 19th. Mailed out approx. Sept. 26th.
rachelly_13, MA
soydolcelatte, MA
theladyscribe, TN
barra_arisa, TX
prosodi, NM/TX
clex_monkie89, AZ
nehi, AZ
scary_lullabies, CA
devidarkwolf, CA
darkspectre, CA
docsaico, OH (tentatively cancelled)
amybethhersch, OH
falinemalfoy, IL
mysteriousmage, WI: late December or later
lyssiebaby & roommate, ONT, Canada
sn_mistress, ONT, Canada
timbershiver, England
krazykipper, England, England
fluffyllama, England
katsa_db_lover, Finland
grebynavekus, Finland

The current space allocation if we don't get any more signups is 5.5 pages. A page is one side only.

faithintheboys, I sent you an email a couple of days ago asking for your address and haven't heard back. If I don't have your address by Tues. morning when I need to mail it, I'm going to send it to the next person on the list.
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We have 10 people other than me scheduled to get the journal right now (more! More please! :D) so I think it's a good time for me to do a quick survey. There's going to be a deadline for how long you can keep the journal (finished or not; I don't want it getting "stuck" somewhere and I've seen it happen with other "traveling" items).

Right now I'm thinking one week if you're doing writing, and two weeks if you're doing art. Does this sound reasonable?

Bear the following things in mind:
-planning ahead. Unless you're one of the first couple of people to host you should have plenty of time beforehand and should know what you're adding to the journal
-you can also think about taping things in. Heck, you can tape in one page that unfolds to five if the final page limit is too hard to fit your section into.
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Sign up in this post! Sign ups will close August 31st so that I know approximately how many pages each host can use; if there are pages left after it returns to me I will do another round of sign ups and send it out again.

I am not seeking much personal information at this point; I will solicit information like address immediately before you host, so that there aren't any snafus caused by people moving, etc. The only people who will have your address will be myself and the host prior to you.

And now, a handy-dandy form. Please use it, or I will thwap you:

EDIT: By extended vacations, I mean anything more than a week or so. Basically anything we really need to schedule around because you won't be able to get your mail for awhile.