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July 2009

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sn // impala - thunder road

slytherinblack in snjournal

We have 10 people other than me scheduled to get the journal right now (more! More please! :D) so I think it's a good time for me to do a quick survey. There's going to be a deadline for how long you can keep the journal (finished or not; I don't want it getting "stuck" somewhere and I've seen it happen with other "traveling" items).

Right now I'm thinking one week if you're doing writing, and two weeks if you're doing art. Does this sound reasonable?

Bear the following things in mind:
-planning ahead. Unless you're one of the first couple of people to host you should have plenty of time beforehand and should know what you're adding to the journal
-you can also think about taping things in. Heck, you can tape in one page that unfolds to five if the final page limit is too hard to fit your section into.


Hi! I was just stopping by to see if I missed anything over here and wanted to offer any help you need for this project. Its a great idea and I can't wait. I've already been looking for things to add. :)

If I can help in any way to coordinate, please let me know. I also wanted to ask, is it ok to pimp in my LJ and stuff?

Absolutely, I would greatly appreciate if you shared the link. :) Right now I'm okay on coordination, especially since there's not much to do till it gets mailed out (and boy, is that coming up fast :x) but if I do end up needing help I'll keep you in mind!

When are you planning to get it started on its travels?
August 31st is the official "sign up by" date, so it should be right around then. Basically I want to know how many people sign up so I know what the page limit is.
Ok, cool. I just wanted to put that on my post. :)
London calling! One week to write it sounds fine, however, I've learnt recently that UK --> USA post is sl-ow!

Sure! Can you fill out the form, though?
Oops, I just realized that you weren't replying to the sign up post. Are you already on it? I don't remember adding your name to my master list.
...I don't think so - I thought this was the sign up post! I was linked here from another comm.
If it was sn_slash then I was being an idjit and linked the wrong post. If it was a different comm, then I'm not to blame!

that's the signup post.
heh, of course it was sn_slash!

(honest, it was!)