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July 2009

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slytherinblack in snjournal

Sign up in this post! Sign ups will close August 31st so that I know approximately how many pages each host can use; if there are pages left after it returns to me I will do another round of sign ups and send it out again.

I am not seeking much personal information at this point; I will solicit information like address immediately before you host, so that there aren't any snafus caused by people moving, etc. The only people who will have your address will be myself and the host prior to you.

And now, a handy-dandy form. Please use it, or I will thwap you:

EDIT: By extended vacations, I mean anything more than a week or so. Basically anything we really need to schedule around because you won't be able to get your mail for awhile.


LJ user name: clex_monkie89
Email: girly_goku @ yahoo . com
State/Country: Phoenix, AZ, USA
Are you willing to ship abroad?: Possibly. It depends on the money.
Anything else?: I'm going to WinCon, from the Thursday before to the Tuesday after.

Edited at 2008-07-10 11:28 pm (UTC)
Thanks. :D I'll make sure you're not up to host first, then, though if I mailed it to Phoenix it would probably take a few days to get there anyway.
Hey, Clex, I sent you an email about this a few days ago requesting your address - did you get it? Should I send it again?
LJ user name: kuri_sutaru
Email: kurisutaru[at]gmail[dot]com
State/Country: NY/USA
Are you willing to ship abroad?: Sure, why not. XD
Anything else?: Nope. XD;
LJ user name: nehi
Email: nehirose@gmail.com
State/Country: Phoenix, AZ, USA
Are you willing to ship abroad?: Possibly? It depends on shipping, but I could probably arrange something.
Anything else?: I'll be in California July 18 - 21, but other than that there's nothing scheduled.
I sent you an email about this a couple of days ago - can you please get back to me?
I can't find the email -- I think it may have been eaten by my spam filters or something. (I have also moved: am now in Monson, MA, USA, and will be in California from the 21-28, instead of the 18-21.)
In that case, is it okay if I reschedule you? It's cheapest and fastest if the journal travels geographically and it's in AZ right now.
That's totally okay. This move wasn't on the books when I originally signed up!

What email should I be looking for something from, by the way?
it's slytherininblack@gmail.com - the email is always titled "John's Traveling Journal" or something very similar to that.
LJ user name: prosodi
Email: xalmighty_penguinx [at] yahoo [dot] com
State/Country: Texas, USA (though once school starts I'll be in New Mexico)
Are you willing to ship abroad?: Sure!
Anything else?: I'll be out of town the first weekend of September but that's not really extended, so... otherwise, nothing that I know of!

My only other thought would be: Have you posted about this in one of the main Supernatural LJ communities? Gotten an entry on the newsletter? That would be a great way to bring more people in on this.
It's been in the newsletter; I'm waiting on spnfencentral to see where the mods want to put it.
LJ user name: Mysteriousmage
Email: sassyblack_cat@yahoo.com
State/Country: Wisconsin, USA
Are you willing to ship abroad?: i suppose
Anything else?: i guess i would prefer to get it before Sept. when i start school. it's my last semester of college, so its going to be busy/rough and i dont know how much time i'll have for it at that point
so yea... i'm dumb and realized that haha its impossible for me to get this befor sept. lol sorry. ^^;;; but yea i do still want to do this. umm i guess i'll put my best effort into doing it? idk
If we get as many people as I'm hoping to get, it'll be out at least a semester. I can try to arrange for you to have it over your winter break instead - does that work for you?
that would be ok. by that time i'll have graduated...
This is an awesome idea! :D

LJ user name: theladyscribe
Email: theladyscribe(dot)ab(at)gmail.com
State/Country: Tennessee, USA
Are you willing to ship abroad?: Yes
Anything else?: There is a chance that I will be living in Australia from February to June 2009, so if I could receive the journal prior to that, that would be awesome. :)
LJ user name: scary_lullabies
Email: scary.lullabies@gmail.com
State/Country: Southern California, USA
Are you willing to ship abroad?: Yup.
Anything else?: I'll be at Wincon in October? Might be nifty.

Edited at 2008-07-14 07:16 am (UTC)
I sent you an email about this but haven't heard back from you. Can you please respond back to my email, or let me know if you didn't receive it? Thanks.
LJ user name: devidarkwolf
Email: IndianaSkywalker [at] hotmail [dot com
State/Country: California, United States
Are you willing to ship abroad?: Yes. :)
Anything else?: I will be at Comic-Con from the 25th to the 27th of July.

Here's the info.

LJ user name: [katsa_db_lover]
Email: finlandvampirella@hotmail.com
State/Country: Kemi, Finland
Are you willing to ship abroad?: Yes. if you mean sending the diary onward?
Anything else?: I start school at August ,but that shouldn't be a problem.

LJ user name: grebynavekus
Email: nybergan@hotmail.com
State/Country: Finland
Are you willing to ship abroad?: Yes I am.
Anything else?: Nothing important.
LJ user name: [username]
Email: Rachelly_13@yahoo.com
State/Country: Boston, MA Suburb
Are you willing to ship abroad?: Yes
Anything else?: Nope, I don't think so.
LJ user name: soydolcelatte
Email: soydolcelatte @ gmail.com
State/Country: Salem, MA, USA (If I can't find something good here, its hopeless! lol)
Are you willing to ship abroad?: Totally.
Anything else?: I'll be away for Eyecon Sept 26-30 and Wincon Oct 24-27.

LJ user name: falinemalfoy
Email: lcunn@yahoo.com
State/Country: Illinois, USA
Ship Abroad?: You bet!
Anything Else?: I am totally alllll over this! What a fantastic idea.
LJ user name: lyssiebaby
Email: elyse.summers@utoronto.ca
State/Country: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Are you willing to ship abroad?: Sure, why not. Do I get an extra cookie?
Anything else?: Nah, I'm mostly a layabout. I'll be here. There srsly needs to be more Canadians on this list. Someone from Nova Scotia should join - they've got the coolest ghost stories. (They stored all the unidentified dead bodies from the Titanic in a building [that's now a resturaunt] there and it is très haunted - among others)

EDIT: Actually, here's a question for YOU - Just relayed this to the roommate - she's from Scotia and would love to do a fold out page for the journal. We both now live at the same address in Toronto, though, for school. Would it be possible to sign up for two pages at the same address even though they'd be for different areas? (I'm a Toronto native, she'd do Nova Scotia, obviously.)???

Edited at 2008-08-26 05:22 am (UTC)
Definitely. I can schedule it for twice as long without any trouble. I was going to offer to talk to my friend if I can catch him but if you've got someone from NS lined up that would be better. ;)
LJ user name: Barra_Arisa
Email: Gold_Eyes_And_Sakura@yahoo.com
State/Country: Texas, USA
Are you willing to ship abroad?: Depending on how much it costs I probably could do it.
Anything else?: Any extended vacations Other than I'm having family over for the week of October 11 and going out of town Labor Day weekend we're good.

From soydolcelatte

Nickname: Amy
Email: amybethhersch[at]yahoo[dot]com
State/Country: Ohio, USA
Are you willing to ship abroad?: Yep!
Anything else?: No LJ account. Out of town Nov. 14-16
LJ user name: colbertobsessed
Email: dr_saico_24vicodin@yahoo.com
State/Country: Hilliard, OH, USA
Are you willing to ship abroad?: I can't if it's gonna cost cash, cuz I am poor, lol.
Anything else?: Nothing comes to mind. I'm fairly certain I will be free up to the beginning of December.

Edited at 2008-08-26 06:25 pm (UTC)

From soydolcelatte

Nickname: joamrsx@yahoo.co.uk
Email: joamrsx[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk
State/Country: UK
Are you willing to ship abroad?: Yes, but is afraid to trust postal service. lol. She is hoping that maybe instead she could send the stuff to me and then I can put it in for her. So count her as an entry, but I will add hers when I have the journal. :)
Anything else?:

Re: From soydolcelatte

silly, I didn't notice up till now the note about you getting it for her. It's going to be in England anyway *laughs* but if you guys want to do it that way it's totally fine and I'll cross her off as a separate stop.
LJ user name: timbershiver

Email: timbershiver@googlemail.com

State/Country: London, UK

Are you willing to ship abroad?: Yep, no problem.

Anything else?: Don't think so.
Excellent idea, we've done something similar before as a HP Lovecraft journal, so I'd love to take part.

LJ user name: fluffyllama
Email: fluffy_llama2000@ yahoo.co.uk
State/Country: UK (North west)
Are you willing to ship abroad?: Yes
Anything else?: Nope
LJ user name: darkspectre
Email: cgmangotiger@earthlink.net
State/Country: Huntington Beach, CA, USA
Are you willing to ship abroad?: Sure, why not.
Anything else?: Nothing that I know of yet.

Edited at 2008-08-28 02:31 am (UTC)