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July 2009

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slytherinblack in snjournal

Signups close today, so if you've been waiting to sign up or a friend you've been meaning to pester, do it.

Currently I have at least two addresses in every country signed up except for Canada. So if mailing the journal to a country other than your own is going to be a hardship, please let me know. Just bear in mind that everyone in a particular country can't bail on me or it won't work.

Here's the tentative schedule, just so everyone knows.

Current journal schedule:

faithintheboys, NY: mailed out Sept 1. Arrives approx. Sept. 5th. Mailed out approx Sept. 12th.
the_kurisutaru, NY: arrives approx. Sept. 19th. Mailed out approx. Sept. 26th.
rachelly_13, MA
soydolcelatte, MA
theladyscribe, TN
barra_arisa, TX
prosodi, NM/TX
clex_monkie89, AZ
nehi, AZ
scary_lullabies, CA
devidarkwolf, CA
darkspectre, CA
docsaico, OH (tentatively cancelled)
amybethhersch, OH
falinemalfoy, IL
mysteriousmage, WI: late December or later
lyssiebaby & roommate, ONT, Canada
sn_mistress, ONT, Canada
timbershiver, England
krazykipper, England
joamrsx@yahoo.co.uk, England
fluffyllama, England
katsa_db_lover, Finland
grebynavekus, Finland

The current space allocation if we don't get any more signups is 5.5 pages. A page is one side only.

faithintheboys, I sent you an email a couple of days ago asking for your address and haven't heard back. If I don't have your address by Tues. morning when I need to mail it, I'm going to send it to the next person on the list.


My sn has a dash in it, just to let you know. Just so ppl don't think I was a troll or anything. XD
Whoops- fixed it!
If any one in the UK has a problem sending the journal abroad, I'm happy to swap places.

Otherwise - I can't wait!!!
Thanks so much for offering. I'll keep you in mind in case the last person on the UK list needs to swap.
N/P - I'm not wealthy or anything like that, but I know that a lot of LJ users are still in education, which means comparitively, I am incredibly rich!

Plus, I have a cat who I can send down the coal mines if times get tight, so it's all good!
Also, it's great that you somehow managed to get 3 peeps from the uk who are all from totally different areas: Lancashire/Oxford/London (I can also do Berkshire and Devon) are all so far apart you are going to get a varied bunch of tales for such a little place!

Soo excited about this project!!!